Monday, May 30, 2011

Night Play (Dark-Hunter, #5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

** spoiler alert **  If Simi says dance you dance. Can I imagine Ash doing the Macarena? No I can't because every time I think of it I can only laugh. Simi is funny and she needs to be in the books at least once. 
I'm reading the books out of order, so everything pieces together when I read one book. Reading this helped more with the basics since Dark Side of the Moon was one of the first books I read. 
Bride was a cute character, and I am happy that Vane got her to eat more then what it had sounded like at the begging. Nothing like eating a powdery mess, and not making a mess out of it. (I wish) 
Vane sounded really powerful in the story, and you never got to see very much of the power. Just quick fights between the people looking for then. He seemed much more human by the end of the book. Starting off he knew barely anything about the human world, and everything to him was new. So then when he was faced with something like crying he didn't understand what to do. 
Then the way he grew up seemed harsh and scary. His parentage just sucked because he had a fifty-fifty chance to be born a puppy or a human, and that meant a lot on how he grew. Never really knowing his other brothers, and also never getting chance to see them because of what they are. 
Even adding thanksgiving to the mix added the family touch. Nothing like having a vet as your father in law when your a wolf. Even worst having him know what's going on. 
i was still confused about the symbol that appears on their palms. Why did it change colors after they mated it didn't make any since to me. Any help?

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