Monday, May 30, 2011

The Fallen: Raziel (The Fallen, #1) by Kristina Douglas

The main characters seemed kind of low at some points then completely real at other. It started off with Allie going to work somewhere in Manhattan. Raziel had been there why she died to escort her to 'hell'. Then for some rash reason Raziel saves her right before she was about to fall into the flames, burning himself in the process. They of course don't like each other very well and bicker with each other, so then they have to learn to get along. Because of Raziel's choice to save her since he believed she was innocent and should not have been sent to hell. 

"What's your job?" He looked blank.
"I'm a writer. A novelist."
"Maybe that's why you were going to hell." Raziel said in a wry voice.

"Remind me - what do you write?"
I didn't bother disguising my irritation. He remembered my crackpot mother, but my life's work was easily forgotten. "Old Testament mysteries. " I said with a testy voice. "They're tongue-in-cheek, of course, and a little sarcastic, but-"
"There's your answer. Uriel's as pitiless as a demon, and he has no sense of humor." 

When I first started this book I had the giggles for some reason. I had found the begging incredibly funny along with cheesy. The good kind of cheesy though of course. I think this book was more written for sarcasm and with serious and dangerous moments. Where Raziel was a complete jerk or actually a nice person. His mood swings were very annoying, along with never understanding why he was all warm this minute, but the next all cold and scary.

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