Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Protecters

Dark Protecer (Paladins of Darkness #1) by Alexis Morgan. 5 out 5 stars. I was a little weary of reading this because I ordered it from my library in a random need of more paranormal romance. I clicked a couple books and ordered a bunch of books some weren't even the first. That was my little rant. Thanks for listening
So the main characters of this story were Dr. Laurel Young and Devlin Bane. Laurel is a handler someone that revives the fallen Paladin when they die in battle. Why do they die you wonder? Because of the for ever going war against the Others. When the other cross over the border from their world and into the human world they bring the darkness over with them. So the Paladins are the one protecting the world from the darkness and Mr. Bane is one of the top people in his area so most people will listen to him and give him respect. Mr. Bane was freaking funny in my opinion he just had the he-man vibe going on, but that's what made him such a awesome character. Then add Laurel to that because she has a lot of guts. Never before had it been heard of a paladin and their handler getting together. Well boy did she change that.
the bad guys in this story were all complete idiots and let me add jerks. I gave them no respect at all and was glad when the story went the other way. Not to mention they were all very flat and lacked something in their character. I give the bad guy a 3 out 5 stars rating. The good guy character were all better and not to mention not flat. Was this done on purpose because that would make a lot more sense.
The story goes along the line of trying to find out who's smuggling jewels from the other side over because they're promising a safe trip over when they really only get to meet the tip of a sword. So now they are working on uncovering the mystery of who is the mastermind of the great plot. (I'm thinking the guy need to get some better henchmen maybe then everything would work out how he wants them too.)
The book left me wanting more so i quickly read the second book wanting to see some more Paladin action.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful and Strange Short Story Reviews

Bedtime is the first one up. It sucked me right into at the first sentence.The characters were all written well and they were the opposite of flat. Like in her comment, "This is a true story. It will stand on its own; there will be no novel or even a paragraph added to it. Nothing. It is complete."  I believe that the way it's written makes it even more haunting adding to the tension when you're reading it making it more realistic and adding to the visual. If you like a dark story and a quick read then I would try this out. 5/5 stars. Bedtime (link)

1,499 was beautiful in just the way it was written. Even when the ending was spoken of in the summery I was not expecting the way it would end. Jade and Elijah are the two people in the story with the mentioning of The Agency. This two page short story  brings out a assassin Jade's being hunted by the people she works for. Her number of kills 4,703 making her one of the best in the world. Then there is the quick attraction between the two of them. It makes me wonder rather Mr. Elijah would regret killing later in his life if the story went on.  4.5/5 stars. 1,499 (Link)

Now lastly The Will. Very creep and disturbing book for readers that like that kind of story. Beautiful and Strange said that she might be working on it after she finishes the story she's writing at the moment. I was rather shocked at how it ended and I was annoyed that it didn't go on even farther. It was like one big tease that left you wanting more. I hope Beautiful and Strange continues the story because I want to know where Phoebe ends up after all the news on this settles down and how she takes it when she grows older. Though I had to reread and see why her dad wanted their family to eat the body after he died. It was a little unclear to me, and I thought it could have been said in a more louder way. The Will (Link)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One of the Boys

One of the Boys by Karla  Michelle. Young adult fiction, Romance. One of the Boys (Link) is written on Inkpop a website for writers trying to get the chance at being published, or to just share their writing.  One of the Boys is currently ranked at 90 and on 35 pick list. I really don't know why this book isn't more popular then what it is because the story is a quick and awesome read. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5.
Hannah Mathews the main character of this story. She's just a normal senior in high school, but with a twist. She wants to be a football player as well. Of course most people *cough-cough* (the boys) don't agree with her. Fighting not only with her team mates, but even her twin brother. But Hannah doesn't give. Having a strong personality and a will strong as iron keeps her going. Even when her oh so lovely team mates pull some mean pranks on her. It took me a little while to figure out who Hannah was going to fall in love with, but when I figured it out I knew they be a good couple. They are both alike and although (like all relationships) they can't have a smooth relationship without a few bumps in the road, and some rather bad bumps at that. 
Taking place mainly in the school, field, and Hannah's home. The settings are all very comfortable and easy to go with. When I was reading I could see the stand and all the people cheering when they came out on to the foot ball field. 
I have to say I normally am not a big fan of books like this, and I was a little weary at reading this. To my shock I loved it and was a sad when it ended. The ending was a little abrupt though, and that was really my only problem with the story. 
Now I have to say. "I love this book! A must read for people who love this genre."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Matched by Allie Condie. Science Fiction, young adult. After a great debate of rater I wanted to give the book 3 stars, 4 star, or 5 star. 4.5/5 star won the round. I got to say I loved the book. the story was quick and easy to slip into. The characters were all well written and they all almost seemed as brainless to the higher authority. Of course we had to have Ky the 'trouble maker' in this story. He gave the book that extra flare that it needed.

I didn't like having to wait to know what the pills did. Having to wait around 50 pages before they told us the uses of the green and blue pill was a little annoying. Waiting for the reasoning of the red pill I was fine with though because it was termed a death pill, but no one really new what it really was for.
I didn't like the ending very much. It was so simple of a way to begin the next book. Really you just happen to have a camp for rebellious teens going by the river needed at the time. Not Likely! I must say. But whatever the events before the ending is what gave the book that extra .5. These future books that talk about how we are controlled in everything we do normally make me mad and annoyed, but for some reason I just have to keep reading them.  I can't wait for Crossed the second book to come out because I must know how Cassia's quest goes.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Chalice of Wind

A chalice of Wind by Cate Tiernan. Balefire #1. Fantasy, witches, youth. This book was definitively not what I was thinking it would be about, but I still liked it. Thais Allard and Clio Martin both find each other after being separated at birth. But is this a regular switched at birth story? Nope. Add some witches, a cursed past, and killer wasps, and there is your book. The characters were written very uniquely which give this book a 4 stars out of five stars on my scale.
Thais Allard is the twin that grew up with a normal human father. She doesn't understand what's all going on, but with the help of those who do know she starts to learn the most basic stuff. She was my favorite twin in this book. Yes the quiet twin. Her father dies in a accident and she has to go live with Axelle the women who somehow was able to get the courts to magically work out her being the guardian. 
Clio Martin is the one who grew up learning magic from the good old ripe age of three. She is the one living in New Orleans where she goes to her huge school and finds another Clio there. They both have the same birthmark just on opposite sides of their cheeks. Somehow the mark was passed from their mother who also had the same mark.
The story is mainly about them figuring out what all had happened. The story line didn't really start because the characters were still figuring out what was going on. I can't wait to read A Circle of Ashes. I hope that we finally get to know what's going to happen in the story. I loved the cats in the story they all seemed soreal, and poor Q-tip. Is it a witch thing to have cats because I must say that is very funny if so.

Monday, July 4, 2011


StarFire (DemonSlayers #3)by Kate Douglas. Paranormal Romance. 4/5 star because it just didn't feel like that deep of a book compared to the last books.
Selyn and Dawson Buck are the main characters in this book along with a few chapters in other characters point of views. To me it seemed like there was a lot more switching characters then the other books.
The story was mainly about all the characterless trying to find the Demon King, freeing the Lemurian people, and all the Forgotten Ones from their lives as slaves. This all is possible because the  crystal sword can be replicated giving the true warriors a weapon while the nobleman that have swords well they never deserved to have them in the first place in my opinion.
Dawson and Selyn both get themselves some very interesting swords, and join in the war. Selyn is used against them because the Demon Kind really just wants Dax. I think that Selyn and Dawson's relationship will be the funniest out of them all since she knows very little of the human world. I'm still wondering rather Dawson's going to quit his job because killing demons, and working as a vet. Means he could be in the wrong place when a bog fight breaks out, and he could be stuck a work. 
I wouldn't say this could ever be my favorite book in the series, but the cover has to be one of my all time favorite.  
BumperWillow needs a more important role in this story I don't think they are living quite up to their whole potential yet. I mean she can heal and smell where the demons are. I think she would get placed a lot more in the series then the amount she is.

Bite Club

Bite Club (The Morganville Vampire #10) by Rachel Caine. Fantasy, youth. I give this book a 3/5 for a lot of reasons. 
Out of all the books in this series I think this is my least favorite. I get the filler vibe off of this book. Along with the way it was written seemed different. For once we got to see inside Shane's head, and I have to say I really didn't like it. I got bored then distracted at his parts, and by the end I was skimming then. Just maybe skipping them. *Innocent Face* 
Shane goes through some changes that end up making him a seem like a complete jerk. Myrnin well is just Myrnin, and he also acts as if he has a crush on Claire. Claire changes big time in this book. When she gets the choice of going MIT her dream school. She doesn't know rather she wants to or not. Then she starts to get very bossy, and demanding. Scary thing is she's manipulating like what I would call the vampires. 
The story was kind of boring, and this book only got three stars because I liked the ways the book ended. The ways it should have ended in oh say another book? I been wondering if she purposely set it like that so she could have another book. I hope the next book is way better.