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The Boyfriend Bylaws

Title:  The Boyfriend Bylaws
Author:  Susan Hatler
Page count: 106
My rating: 5/5
Publisher:  amazon digital services
Published:  March 6th 2011
Summary: Melanie Porter has been dumped-again. When others accuse her of "being in love with being in love," she agrees to let her best friend, Patti, step in and direct her dating life with The Boyfriend Bylaws.
Rule #1: No giving out your phone number until approved to do so.
Rule #2: Must obtain permission to accept any date invitation.
Rule #3: No bringing up marriage, kids or the future.
Rule #4: No going to first base without authorization.
Amended Rule #4: No going to first base, or any other base, without authorization.
Rule #5: No scribbling your first name with some guy's last name. Ever.
Rule #6: New rules may be added as Patti Hartley deems necessary.
Memorize it, live by it, and happy dating!

My Thoughts:
I really love Susan Hatler’s writing style. It’s both fun and enjoyable to read. I loved the characters reactions and their jokeingness. Even when one lied to Melanie  she forgave her, yeah she’s nicer than some people.

The Review:
Melanie just doesn’t have luck with men, we learn fairly quickly. With her friend she gets help finding love, or The One. The characters all have their part in the story without one it just wouldn't have been right. (As you can tell I liked the book. :D )
The places in the story that is memorable, “The Closet. “ A place at work they can talk and listen in on the bosses business stuff, until he finds four people in there. You’ll have to read to know his reaction.

Where To find the book:
Amazon; LINK

The Crystal Needle

Title:  The Crystal Needle
Author: Daniel Peyton
Page count: 200
Genre:Witches, magic, evil sisters, Young Adult
My rating: 4/5
Publisher: ....
Published: 2011
Summary:300 years ago, in the dark shadow of the Salem witch trials, two kind stitching witches founded the city of Featherville as a haven for the unfortunate victims of the witch hunts. Soon after Featherville’s founding a father and his three children arrive seeking a safe home. They are not human, but Kitsune, a magical fox people from Japan. Their story, and the loss of their mother to hunters, tugs at the hearts of the sisters. Elsabethe comforts them, but Adel becomes angry. She uses her magic to avenge the Kitsune against the humans who had hurt them. After tasting vengeance, she begins to desire dominion over man. In her lust for power she destroys the father of the Kitsune and curses his children. Adel is ultimately magically imprisoned by her sister in the forest nearby so that she can do no more harm. But, the seal is not eternal.
300 years later fate begins to move. A family takes up residence in Adels old home and finds a friend in the little old lady living next door, Elsabethe. This family has one son, a 19 year old boy who happens to enjoy embroidery. Joseph is flirtatious, kind, and pretty good on his feet. He becomes close to Allison, the cursed Kitsune girl. Unaware of her true identity, he comes face to face with the reality when Adel makes a terrible and triumphant return. Together, they must find a way to defeat her, saving Featherville and the whole world from the wrath of the Obsidian needle.

My Thoughts:
I got a copy from Daniel Peyton to read and review, so first I thank him for giving me a chance to read it. :) I always love witchy magic books. The story has a cliffhanger but not a “Ahhh!” One. It finishes the main stuff  and truthfully you could be content with just this one book. Daniel Peyton does set the ending up for there to be another. *Fingers Crossed*

The Review:
Joseph is one of the main characters. He is a nice guy who loves stitching, the title gives you a hint that the book might go around a needle, and it does. THe story and  magic concept in this books is inventive, creative, and imaginative. By the end of the story you're wishing Joseph was a real person. Now the other main character, I can’t say her name because either one could ruin the story, well she is a strong yet shy character who’s easy to become your favorite character.
For the first half of the book we get to hear Elsabethe’s story. Which leads up to the main issue in the book. Normally this drive me nuts, but something about the flashback story mode pulled me in. Then the next part of the book as Joeseph and Her falling in love followed by The Battle.

Would I read more if there was more? Yep. :)

Where to find the book:
Amazon; LINK

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Love Dreams

Title:  Love Dreams
Author: January Valentine
Page count or Words Count: 374
Genre: Sensual contemporary romance
My rating: Water Forest Press
Publisher: Createspace
Published: March 10th 2012
Summary: He's handsome, he's rich, and he's confined to a wheelchair, struggling to adapt to his new limitations. No longer able to get down and dirty with his construction crew, Michael Chessler dwells in a storybook cottage in the woodlands of Connecticut where he designs buildings and dreams about a woman he's never met.
After fleeing an abusive relationship in Canada, Sienna Alexander settles in New York where her ex-boyfriend tracks her down, almost beating her to death. Traumatized, she moves to Connecticut where she shares Manchester General's E.R. Registration office with co-worker Bonnie, who swears Sienna's night terrors are caused by an Incubus, while psychic Persha maintains Sienna is being haunted by her drug addicted ex, dead and buried in Canada.
Sienna frequents Michael's shopping plaza where the two have a provocative encounter leaving Michael with more than dreams, and Sienna with trembling limbs, yet neither have the courage to act on their obvious attraction.
Well-intentioned Bonnie pushes Sienna into the arms of cunning Dr. Greg Trainer who lures Sienna to London where she rediscovers her confidence and sensuality, but is still not ready to fall in love with either man.
Michael is in for a wild ride when he competes for her love, grin on his face, pain beneath his muscled abs. Can he go head to head with his arrogant adversary and his private jet when he's in a wheelchair? Leo, teen delivery boy turned confidante, coaches Michael through misery and blunders, accidentally sending him into a second surgery that may or may not be a blessing.
Michael and Sienna suffer through a hit and miss love affair constantly derailed by unexpected challenges. Who will be the winner in this battle of sweet heat and damaged souls concluding with an explosive double twist bound to satisfy readers who love spicy romance. Sensual contemporary romance. Not erotica.

My Thoughts:
So I got a copy to read from the author herself, and I have to say thank! Thank you! Thank you! I loved the story and characters. Every minute was something different.  The dreams themselves were completely different from anything I’ve read. Let’s say the ending was a :O *GASP* Moment. You know they’re connected somehow, but you don’t know how then BAM! You know.
Can you tell I liked the story if not, reread what has been written so far. ;)

The Review
The dreams, at first I thought they were magically connected. Then Incubus is mentioned, so mixed signals were gotten from them. Of course the dreams were good since that is the main point of the book. Dreams connect them,  and it’s called Love Dreams. The dreams all vary from diffrent things; haunting, scary, dyeing, love, and more love.
Now the characters (because that’s one of the important things in choosing to like or dislike a book). Sienna she’s lost in the love world, still getting over a extremely abusive relationship. So for the most part you get to read about her struggling with her love life. Well Michael is in a wheelchair and working on getting out of it, then here come Sienna. Turned shy around cute girl. I have to say he was my more preferred character, with Trainer close behind.

Interview I had with her. :D Follow that link to read and look at it.

Where to find her;
Goodreads; LINK
Website; INK
Facebook; link
Twitter; link
Amazon; link
ANother website; LINK
Forest Press; link

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Title:  Kia’s Journey
Author:   Charles Siefken and Wendy Siefken
Page count or Words Count:
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Dragons,
My rating: 5/5
Publisher: Createspace
Published: November 14th 2011
Summary:  "Kai's Journey" is a story about a young man, set ten years in the future. Kai has spent those years fighting for survival and trying to find a way rid the world of the disease his father created.. His father was a military scientist charged with the task of perfecting a formula that would create a superior breed of soldiers. Kai's father accidentally created a race of zombies. Like a virus, it soon spreads to the entire world, unleashing a period of unsurpassed chaos and conflict.
In the midst of this turmoil, Kai comes across a young woman named Clover, who is part of a clan traveling across the United States to try to find what is left of humanity. Clover is a part of a clan of werewolves who can turn at will but aren't blood thirsty savages as depicted in general history. .
Along the way Kai and Clover come across stragglers who join with the group as they journey across the upper part of what used to be known as North America.
One night while Kai and Clover were watching a meteor shower they meet a group totally out of this world. Kai and Clover begin a heroic journey, fueled by the increasingly dim hope that somehow, the human race will have a chance to start over.

My Thoughts:
First DRAGONS!!! I love dragons, any kind of dragon, mainly the good ones. Not many books out there with happy dragons. Then there is the zombie part. I LOVE zombies. So as you can tell this book had two of my favorite paranormal creatures. Let’s not forget the magical shapeshifters. ;) If you like a cute side romance and nice paranormal creatures then this is for you.

The Review:
So this is a cute little story that someone could love at all ages. The characters are all well written, with minds and personalities that you can fall in love with easily. The story line isn’t too complicated and is easy to follow. Adding some paranomal creatures in new ways, making me go, “I knew that was going to happen.” It managed to shock me in a couple of places and I was left yelling at it. (Yelling at a book means I like it.)
Will I read more? Yeah, big cliff hanger at the end I need more. When I say big I mean. I NEED MORE!

Where to find stuff;
Goodreads; LINK

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My Last Blind Date

Title: My Last Blind Date 
Author: Susan Hatler
Page count or Words Count: 26 pages
Genre: romance, contemporary, short story
My rating: 4/5 stars
Publisher: Feb4, 2012
Published:  ...

Summary:It’s Valentine’s Day and Rachel Price has a choice: Stay home and watch TV with her loveable doggy or let her best friend, Ellen, set her up on a blind date. What to do….

Ellen says the guy is a “10,” but the last guy she set her up with was a “–5.” Rachel’s been flirting with coworker Noah Peterson and she’s hoping he’s noticed. Then, she finds out Noah has big plans. Even worse, he advises Rachel to go on the blind date!
Should she play it safe and spend the Hallmark holiday with her loyal pooch, Chester, or risk another dating disaster by trying yet again for love?

My thoughts: 
This was a very cute and short falling in love story. We could see the outcome every time a word was read, but you keep reading because you want to know, how they fall in love, how it all went down!

The Review:
A story heard many times over and over, yet it's how the author unfolds the story and makes it theirs is  what matters. Susan Hatler made this story hers with her own characters and story background. If you love cheesy sappy romances then this one is it.  

Lily Crussell Interview

Another amazing review from another amazing author. :D Enjoy!

1) Who is Lily Crussell?
Wow, that is probably the hardest question I have ever been asked. Lily is a strange girl who gets on better with imaginary people than real ones, hence the writing ;) She reads far too much YA fiction, despite being 28, gets excited by cute fluffy animals and eats too much popcorn. Oh and she's a Vegan. People always have a thousand questions about that!

2) What inspires you to write?
I unfortunately don't have a choice. I have had days where I have been at work, and my muses have DEMANDED I put pen to paper, so I have locked myself in toilet cubicles with a pen and scraps of paper, scribbling madly until my hand hurts. The problem with this is that when I get home, I can't usually read my own handwriting. There is also the fact that everyone at work thinks I have a serious illness from being locked in the toilets all the time. Being a writer is so glamourous!

3) Who helps you write the most?
I find people actually stop me from writing, but sometimes I 'steal' bits of people I see on tv or walking down the street. For example if they have a tattoo I like, or an interesing hair cut. Real people tend not to understand why I need to be locked away for long periods of time! My family certainly don't, and my last boyfriend didn't either bless him.

4) Who do you consider a mentor in writing?
I've never had a mentor, but some authors inspire me. Not because of the way they write, but due to their background etc. I love that J.K Rowling used to scribble Harry Potter in a coffee shop because she was incredibl poor. I love hearing about successful authors that didn't get English degrees, or educations and got their via hard work and not just because they were famous and were handed a book deal as a side effect.

5) What's your favorite paranormal Creature? Least?
Don't make me choose! That is a very mean question! I have always loved Vampires, and I especially love all the different takes on them. For example; read Twilight, then Interview with a Vampire, and then Bram Stoker's Dracula. They are about the same creatures, but they couldn't be more different! I never really got excited by werewolves, though every teenage girl needs to find a copy of a movie called Gingersnaps. It's about a teenage girl who is turning into a werewolf, but thinks it's just part of being a teenager (i.e getting more hairy, more angry etc) excellent film. I am also completely obsessed with zombies. I can not get my greedy little hands on enough zombie stuff! I adore The Walking Dead comic books and TV series so that is keeping me happy at the moment.
As for least favourite...I think the market is getting to be flooded with fae books. Obviously we've had waves of vampires, zombies, angels etc etc but fae never really excited me, and it hasn't helped that I have read some truly awful books about them.

6) What's your favorite genre to read?
YA Fiction. Paranormal romance especially. I think you need to write what you would want to read. All books that are aimed at my age group are all about shopping (boring!!!!) and drinking (I don't drink) and hold no interest for me what so ever. In fact I find them cringe worthy. Chic lit just...I can't even get past a page! I'm currently reading The Games of Thrones series and am over halfway through the first book after loving the series. (this is not suitable for teens imho though) Other favourite books include; Geisha of Gion, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, Battle Royale, and any teen cition that catches my eye. I loved the Twilight series, but it's been slightly over kill and I've lost enthusiasm for it, I also love The Hunger Games Trilogy (though I didn't enjoy the film very much)

7) Who was the funnest character for you to write?
Without a doubt, it has to be Lucifer. He is always telling me what to write for him (the character, not Satan obviously, that would be quite frightening) he's incredibly easy to write, and I always want to include much more of him than I do. I've had a couple of readers of 'Of Darkness and Light' tell me that they can tell I love him from the way he's written, and how he sneaks into more scenes than he's probably needed in. He is very much making his presence felt in the follow ups and I always end up smiling when writing his scenes.

8) When did you know writing was your thing? Was it a natural instinct or found later in life?
I have always loved writing. It was the only thing I was any good at in English, and my creative writing always saved my marks in exams. My teacher couldn't understand how I could turn out such in depth stories, when I made it more than evident that I couldn't have been less interested in the lessons. I didn't want ot read other people's writing, I wanted to do my own! I think English in school kills off a lot of enthusiasm for the subject. I really loathed every book we studied, even if I probably would have enjoyed them if I'd read them in my own time. They pulled them to pieces and over analysed them so much, there was nothing remotely enjoyable about them anymore.
           When I was in my late teens, we had a school trip to Greece for Classical Civilisations class. I went to a girl's school, and the boy's school across the road were joining us. They basically didn't like us even talking to each other as they were convinced that we couldn't be trusted to mingle between the sexes! It was slightly hilarious. The problem was, I fell utterly in love with a guy on the trip. And he fell utterly in love room mate. I had to endure the whole week of them being in love and sneaking off together. It was incredibly depressing and ruined the whole trip. When I got home, I wrote a diary of the trip, trying to purge all the feelings and get them out of my head. I then deleted it and wrote it from 'his' perspective. It was his realtionship with my room mate, but afterwards he fell for me! It was quite tragic! I've since read back on it, and despite the angst, it wasn't awful. It was readable, even though it had never been edited or proof read.
Ironically, he is now married to my room mate on the trip and they've just had a baby together!
It moved on to fanfiction of various programmes and my hard drive is clogged up with all kinds of random things. It's only recently that I've tried to pursue it as a career. I want to write. I don't feel I really have a choice, it's just something I do.

Reign of Blood ARC

Title: Reign of Blood ARC
Author: Alexia Purdy
Page count or Words Count:  ...
Genre: vampires-hybrids, post-apocalyptic, vampire
My rating: 5/5
Publisher:  ...
Published:  April 29, 2012.

Summary:"Never tease anything that wants to eat you. I am April Tate and my blood is the new gold. Vampires and hybrids over run my world, once vibrant with life, now a graveyard of death shrouded in shadows. I fight to survive, I fight for my mother and brother. The journey is full of turns that I am quite unprepared for. I'm just hoping to make it to the next sunrise..."
In the post-apocalyptic world, after a viral epidemic has wiped out most of the earth’s population, leaving few humans, feral vampires and a hybrid type of vampire that defies all definitions of what being human and what being vampire is. April is a seventeen year old girl who lives in this world one year after the event. She has become a ferocious vampire hunter and killer and comes upon these hybrid vampires one day in search of her mother and younger brother. Unsure who she can trust, she finds that her new ideals of the world are not as black and white as she thought. Bending the rules to find her family will either save them all or destroy everything.

My Thoughts:
Soooo First. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! The whole zombie apocalypse theme was amazing. Sure there are movies and graphic novels but not many zombie books that I can find. Let me say getting a ARC of this was a big find. :) The characters and story were easy to fall in love with, to understand how their mind worked.
The review:
April she was well, strong, independent, and knew the right time to cry. Wasn’t too winy. Jeremy wasn’t in the story very much, but in the short time we see him, we learn how strong he is for a young boy. (I admit he was one of my favorite characters. Not weird I swear. ;) ) And her Mate well he kinda annoys the crap out me half the time, the other half he was prince charming.
For a good part of the book it was just April, alone, awkward. Once she met the “good people” more story and personality came forward. Everything set up to a breaking point and once that happened. STUNNED! LOST!

Where to Find her;
Facebook Page:link
Goodreads: link

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Victoria Valentine Interview

Again I think another author for giving me their time and allowing the readers to better understand what can go inside our heads. ;)

Who is Victoria Valentine?
I'm a New York fiction writer and indie book publisher. I also enjoy dabbling in poetry, but would not call myself a true poet. I've raised three great kids; two daughters and a son, and have been blessed with two  wonderful grandsons. I've written two novels, a poetry collection and a children's storybook. My books can be found at  My annual anthologies,Literary House Review and Skyline Review, and Hudson View quarterly poetry digest, can be found in the New York Public Library and some college libraries in a few different states. Hudson View is also distributed in South Africa and India.

What inspired you to write your first book?
The novel, Crooked Tree, by Robert C. Wilson was the inspiration for my first book, The Last Resort. The Last Resort was never published as a novel, however, some chapters made their way into a short story horror anthology written by myself and Massachusetts novelist, Steven Manchester. I love horror, especially if the story takes place in a forest, which to me is eerie and can provide a fantastically frightening backdrop for a truly horrific story. What's creepier than a cabin in the woods, in the dark of night, howling wind … howling wolves!  Werewolves are my favorite creatures of the night. I'm considering a novel about werewolves, but not until I finish Sweet Dreams, a novel about a serial killer who's working his way up the east coast.  I've also written a book of inspirational short stories and poetry that's been sitting here for four years, waiting to be edited and published. It's designed and formatted. One of these days I'll finish everything I've started.  I'm easily sidetracked, especially by indie publishing.

What were the challenges in bringing your book to life?
Time. Finding the time to finish the original concept which entirely changed along the way. However, my biggest challenge is my uncontrollable need for perfection. Love Dreams could have been finished much sooner, but I highjacked myself many times along the way. I started Love Dreams 25+ years ago, and those first seven chapters and a skeleton outline sat on my desktop until last year, when I decided to finally finish it.  Even though it's been released, I still don't consider it finished. I'm my worst critic. Each time I read something I've written, I find the need to keep revising.

Do you ever wish for something more than writing?
A nice big Lotto pot so that I could open a huge publishing house with paid editors and other personnel to help me publish as many aspiring writers as possible. And to actually pay writers for their extraordinary efforts, devotion and contributions to the literary world. There are so many struggling writers, wonderful writers, who go undiscovered, unread because it's so difficult to land agents and publishers. If I could, I'd publish them all. Also, I'd like my own books to be read and enjoyed by many, and to be a NY Times best selling author. I guess this is the desire of every writer :-)

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
I admire quite a few writers, but would have to choose the authors of books that I found most compelling. Robert McCammon is one, and of course, Robert C. Wilson. I find it ironic that for someone who's such a horror enthusiast, my first full novel to be released is a steamy romance. Still, I had to throw in a bit of horror in the form of Rob's ghost haunting Sienna in Love Dreams.Two of my favorite romance writers are Danielle Steele and Jackie Collins, although there are many more current writers I admire and am inspired by.

When did you first learn that you wanted to be a writer. Was it just a natural instinct or did you find it later in life?
I've always been a dreamer, concocting plots and situations. From the moment I could hold a crayon, I knew I wanted to be a writer. As I grew up, I found every reason under the sun to expand upon things such as personalizing party invitations, greeting cards, even shopping lists, notes, etc. I loved writing short stories and even rhymes. At the time, I didn't realize I was really writing poetry. These days I rarely compose rhyme; I prefer free verse and prose. In high school I won tons of candy bars in writing competitions. In my younger days I experimented with art, but have since realized art is not where my talent lies. However, I enjoy designing book covers and formatting indie books. I love publishing. Second to writing, publishing is my passion. A friend, Steve Cartwright, once said I have ink in my blood. He's so right. Each time I've put publishing on hold to work on one of my own projects, I've returned prematurely. My need to be submerged in literature and anything involving book publishing is insatiable.

Are you a big reader? If so do you think that had anything to do with becoming a author?
I used to constantly have a paperback in my hands. My mom and I would buy books, exchange them, then donate them to the library. Unfortunately, these days, I don't have the time to read as much as I'd like to, however, I do read manuscripts for the writers whom I publish, and short stories and poetry for my “Water Forest Press” anthologies and digests. My life is so busy and hectic, I don't have much time to sit down and enjoy a book.

Where's your favorite place to write?
A room filled with music and wind chimes; my office/den/catch-all room which contains computers and printers, a dresser, three laundry baskets lining part of a wall, and a closet stuffed with printer paper and ink, mailing supplies, books and magazines. And of course, a ceiling to floor bookcase. Years ago, when I first started Skyline Literary Magazine, I used to do my own printing, collating, and binding, so I've very well stocked.

Who helps you write the most?
My daughter, Phaedra. Actually, my entire family supports me, but Phae cheers me on and helps edit the anthologies, and books and stories that I write. When I'm overwhelmed, we'll share tea and mother-daughter moments, then it's back to the grind, but refreshed. 

Here's where you can find her and in her words. :D
I love to create youtube videos to promote my projects. I also read story excerpts and poetry. Videos can be found on Water Forest Press video channel:link
Love Dreams is available in print and kindle, and is listed with many online retailers including Water Forest Press and
 Water Forest Press Books: LINK
 My personal websites where readers can preview and purchase my books:link       link

Author of the Week giveaway

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Title: Fury (New Species #1) 
Author:  Laurann Dohner
Page count or Words Count: 
Genre: Paranormal, shapeshifters, romance

My rating: 5/5 stars
 Ellora's Cave
July 27th 2011 
Summery: Ellie is horrified to discover that the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments. They have spliced human and animal DNA, creating exotic new species. One male captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him. Even if he hates her for it.

Fury never knew compassion or love. He has spent his life in a cell, chained and abused by humans. The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him. Now he is free and set on vengeance. He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp, harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy little human.
Fury can’t resist her—the touch of her hands, her mouth on his skin, her body wrapped around his. He is obsessed with the scent of his woman. Ellie wants Fury—always has. She craves his big, powerful body, but she also wants to heal his desolate heart. Ellie just doesn’t know if Fury can be tamed.

My Thoughts: 
So this is the first book I've read by Laurann Dohner and it's been on my To be Read list for a while. I just had to find the $$$ to get it. :) Have to say was worth the wait and a amazing story.

The Review: 
The characters were well... Amazing and I simply loved it. When you finish reading this you will want and need more. So back to the characters. Ellie was my favorite character so far; she stood up for her man, took what she deemed was a punishment fit, and has more self control then you could imagine. Well Fury he is a... there's no right word to describe him. Every form of growly dominance you can think of. :)
There were so many bad guys and problems in this book tat you could never guess when it was over.  I kept thinking nooo it's going to end. Then it did end and it left me wanting to read more about theses characters we were introduced to and fell in love with. 

Where to Find Her:

Facebook: link
Goodreads: LINK

MaryLynn Bast Interview

MaryLynn Bast is our interviewee today. Is that even a word?... I'd like to thank her for doing the interview and giving me a little of her time. Now it;s your job to read and enjoy the interview.

1. Who is MaryLynn Bast?
I’m just me. I was born in South Carolina, grew up in Texas, so I am a southern girl all the way. I work for a contracted company for the US Military, so I have traveled all over the US, to Japan and S. Korea, with many more locations to come. When I am traveling, I spend my evenings writing when I am not out seeing the sites. When I am back in the states and in between contracts, I live in Las Vegas where I guess what…spend my time writing. I am married to Patrick, have three children and three step children.

2. When do you know writing was your thing?
As a kid I always had a book in hand, always making up my own stories. At twelve I saved up and bought a manual type writer (yes, I’m dating myself). I taught myself to type, pounding away at the keyboard and writing silly romance stories. I graduated to a word processor and eventually to my desktop and a laptop. Looking back, I am so happy for the electronic age! So basically, I think it’s in my blood to write. I’m told that Mark Twain is my fifth great uncle…how cool would that be if I could trace that down!?

3. Who would you consider your mentor in writing?
Since the first time I read Sherilynn Kenyon, Christine Feehan and Laurell K. Hamilton, It has been a fight for as to who would win…I think Kenyon is in the lead by a few words in my book.

4. Who is your favorite character to write?
That is a tough one. I love all the characters in No Remorse. The one that stands out for me is Adam. I can really have fun with his character when I write his story. At this point, I plan on having him in all the novels of the “Heart of a Wolf” Series. So he will be seeing lots of action.

5. Would you change anything about your writing career?
I would have gotten serious about writing allot sooner. I spent my time working so much and taking care of my family that I forgot how much of a pleasure it was for me to go play in my own little world.

6. Who helps you the most?
My husband Patrick and my aunt Peggy had been my most loyal supporters. My husband for being a captive audience when we go on trips together. He listens to me read my stories out loud which help me catch some of the things that need to be fixed. My aunt for sitting with me for hours and hours on chat while I write, I send her passages and talk through some of the story bits and pieces. Most of the time it’s just her listening, I talk it out and her just being an ear, I work through the problem.

7. What's your favorite paranormal creature? What's your least?
I have always had a fascination with wolves, even had a half wolf / half dog named Lucky when I was fourteen. So naturally, werewolves are my favorite with vampires nipping at their necks. My least favorite I would say is Zombies. They are dead, they kill people and well, they are dead!

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