Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mireille Chester Interview

Here’s another interview. :) Thank you Mireille Chester for answering some questions and letting your readers get to know you better. And readers don’t forget to check out her books. ;D

Here some of her sites;
Web: Link
Facebook Page: Another link

MC: Hi there! My name is Mireille Chester. 
I am a fantasy author; mostly paranormal and epic. 
I write both adult and YA novels.

What inspired you to write your first book?
I have always loved books and spent most of my time growing up reading or writing stories. Writing a novel was something I'd always wanted to do but I never seemed around to getting it done. When I was about to turn thirty I sort of sat myself down at said, 'Look. It's time to get this done.' So I started writing and I haven't stopped since.

What were the challenges in bringing your book to life
My biggest challenges were finding a publisher, which thankfully, didn't take too too long for me. Another big challenge after the fact was learning how to market my books and doing all of the networking involved.

Who helps you write the most?
I'd have to say that the person who helps me write the most would be my husband. He's fantastic and supports this obsession of mine wholly. If I'm trying to meet a deadline or I'm completely lost in a story, he's the first to do dishes or laundry and to send me off the the library while he takes care of the kids for a few hours.

If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Diana Gabaldon has been a big influence on my writing. I remember reading a review gushing over the fact that her Outlander series fall in the fantasy, historical, and romance genre and I thought, 'That's the kind of books I want to write. I want lovers of every kind of book to fall in love with my stories.'

When did you first learn that you wanted to be a writer. Was it just a natural instinct or did you find it later in life?
I think I've always known that one day I'd do this full time. It took a while, but now that I'm here, it's heaven.

Which of your characters is your favorite?
My favorite character... it really is hard to pick just one. Right now, I'd have to say Gabrielle, the main character in Angered Seasons. This is the zombie apocolypse/mother nature ends the world novel I'm working on at the moment. It sounds like a weird combination, but I think readers will enjoy the twist.

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