Friday, April 6, 2012


Title:Kamikaze (Last Call #1)
Author: Moira Rogers
Page count or Words Count: 36
Genre: Paranormal Romance.
My rating: 5/5
Publisher: Changeling Press LLC
Published: August 15th 2008
Published:Summery: Zoe Bennett is an inexperienced werewolf in the grip of her mating cycle. With no pack and no mate, Zoe must brave the supernatural crowds of Last Call, the bar where your drink order tells everyone what you need. Kamikaze: Werewolf in heat, looking for a temporary mate. The chase is on, and security specialist Connor O'Malley intends to win, if only because the sweet young woman at the bar looks unprepared for what the night might bring, in and out of the bedroom. Little does he know that, when he catches her, he may not be satisfied being just a temporary mate.

                                          My thoughts:

My advice read the summery of the book before reading it. I am awful at doing that. >_< The cover drew me in even in black and white on my kindle. Sad thing I thought it was a historical book because of the title.
 Easy mistake. 

 This was a free read on amazon that I absolutely loved. :)

The Review:
The characters were cute and slightly comical in a shifter kind of way. At first I was a little confused because I didn't understand the whole go in to the bar thing... Why is everything getting tense all of a sudden. The story was short but a lot of emotions and events took place. Falling in love, figuring out ones self, ect. I love how the problems were eased in their quickly but not *Shoved in your face* quickly. 
Would I read the second? Yush!
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