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The Crystal Needle

Title:  The Crystal Needle
Author: Daniel Peyton
Page count: 200
Genre:Witches, magic, evil sisters, Young Adult
My rating: 4/5
Publisher: ....
Published: 2011
Summary:300 years ago, in the dark shadow of the Salem witch trials, two kind stitching witches founded the city of Featherville as a haven for the unfortunate victims of the witch hunts. Soon after Featherville’s founding a father and his three children arrive seeking a safe home. They are not human, but Kitsune, a magical fox people from Japan. Their story, and the loss of their mother to hunters, tugs at the hearts of the sisters. Elsabethe comforts them, but Adel becomes angry. She uses her magic to avenge the Kitsune against the humans who had hurt them. After tasting vengeance, she begins to desire dominion over man. In her lust for power she destroys the father of the Kitsune and curses his children. Adel is ultimately magically imprisoned by her sister in the forest nearby so that she can do no more harm. But, the seal is not eternal.
300 years later fate begins to move. A family takes up residence in Adels old home and finds a friend in the little old lady living next door, Elsabethe. This family has one son, a 19 year old boy who happens to enjoy embroidery. Joseph is flirtatious, kind, and pretty good on his feet. He becomes close to Allison, the cursed Kitsune girl. Unaware of her true identity, he comes face to face with the reality when Adel makes a terrible and triumphant return. Together, they must find a way to defeat her, saving Featherville and the whole world from the wrath of the Obsidian needle.

My Thoughts:
I got a copy from Daniel Peyton to read and review, so first I thank him for giving me a chance to read it. :) I always love witchy magic books. The story has a cliffhanger but not a “Ahhh!” One. It finishes the main stuff  and truthfully you could be content with just this one book. Daniel Peyton does set the ending up for there to be another. *Fingers Crossed*

The Review:
Joseph is one of the main characters. He is a nice guy who loves stitching, the title gives you a hint that the book might go around a needle, and it does. THe story and  magic concept in this books is inventive, creative, and imaginative. By the end of the story you're wishing Joseph was a real person. Now the other main character, I can’t say her name because either one could ruin the story, well she is a strong yet shy character who’s easy to become your favorite character.
For the first half of the book we get to hear Elsabethe’s story. Which leads up to the main issue in the book. Normally this drive me nuts, but something about the flashback story mode pulled me in. Then the next part of the book as Joeseph and Her falling in love followed by The Battle.

Would I read more if there was more? Yep. :)

Where to find the book:
Amazon; LINK

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