Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love Dreams

Title:  Love Dreams
Author: January Valentine
Page count or Words Count: 374
Genre: Sensual contemporary romance
My rating: Water Forest Press
Publisher: Createspace
Published: March 10th 2012
Summary: He's handsome, he's rich, and he's confined to a wheelchair, struggling to adapt to his new limitations. No longer able to get down and dirty with his construction crew, Michael Chessler dwells in a storybook cottage in the woodlands of Connecticut where he designs buildings and dreams about a woman he's never met.
After fleeing an abusive relationship in Canada, Sienna Alexander settles in New York where her ex-boyfriend tracks her down, almost beating her to death. Traumatized, she moves to Connecticut where she shares Manchester General's E.R. Registration office with co-worker Bonnie, who swears Sienna's night terrors are caused by an Incubus, while psychic Persha maintains Sienna is being haunted by her drug addicted ex, dead and buried in Canada.
Sienna frequents Michael's shopping plaza where the two have a provocative encounter leaving Michael with more than dreams, and Sienna with trembling limbs, yet neither have the courage to act on their obvious attraction.
Well-intentioned Bonnie pushes Sienna into the arms of cunning Dr. Greg Trainer who lures Sienna to London where she rediscovers her confidence and sensuality, but is still not ready to fall in love with either man.
Michael is in for a wild ride when he competes for her love, grin on his face, pain beneath his muscled abs. Can he go head to head with his arrogant adversary and his private jet when he's in a wheelchair? Leo, teen delivery boy turned confidante, coaches Michael through misery and blunders, accidentally sending him into a second surgery that may or may not be a blessing.
Michael and Sienna suffer through a hit and miss love affair constantly derailed by unexpected challenges. Who will be the winner in this battle of sweet heat and damaged souls concluding with an explosive double twist bound to satisfy readers who love spicy romance. Sensual contemporary romance. Not erotica.

My Thoughts:
So I got a copy to read from the author herself, and I have to say thank! Thank you! Thank you! I loved the story and characters. Every minute was something different.  The dreams themselves were completely different from anything I’ve read. Let’s say the ending was a :O *GASP* Moment. You know they’re connected somehow, but you don’t know how then BAM! You know.
Can you tell I liked the story if not, reread what has been written so far. ;)

The Review
The dreams, at first I thought they were magically connected. Then Incubus is mentioned, so mixed signals were gotten from them. Of course the dreams were good since that is the main point of the book. Dreams connect them,  and it’s called Love Dreams. The dreams all vary from diffrent things; haunting, scary, dyeing, love, and more love.
Now the characters (because that’s one of the important things in choosing to like or dislike a book). Sienna she’s lost in the love world, still getting over a extremely abusive relationship. So for the most part you get to read about her struggling with her love life. Well Michael is in a wheelchair and working on getting out of it, then here come Sienna. Turned shy around cute girl. I have to say he was my more preferred character, with Trainer close behind.

Interview I had with her. :D Follow that link to read and look at it.

Where to find her;
Goodreads; LINK
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