Sunday, June 19, 2011

Genesis by darkelfgirl

I highly approve of the book called Genesis. It is well written though not complete. Does it also explains if I say I wrote it?  Genesis <--- Follow that link if you want to see it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry (DarkHunter#12) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Paranormal Romance.
Devil May Cry two main characters are Sin an ancient Sumerian God who's powers were taken by who he assumes is Artemis. Then there is Katra, daughter of one of the gods. She is sent after Sin because her mother told her that he out to kill her. Kat is weary to comply because her mother is not known to tell the full truth of things, and to leave things out.                                "What aren't you telling me?"
Artemis gave her a blank stare. "I don't know what you mean."
"Of course you do." Artemis never told the whole truth about anything. "And before i commit myself to some disaster, I want to know everything about it."
Of course this book is slimier to all the other books  by this author, but of course there's a different set of characters along with more twists of the plot. Still I was glued to the story not wanting to let Kat and Sin go.  Kat learns something about her past that she doesn't want to know, and with that she regrets doing it. Talked into it by her childish mind, and her mother's persuasion. Now she has to make sure that Sin never finds out, or he would probably kill her. Sin hunts the monsters that his kin created. Trying to fix the problem his people made he hunts them, and tries to keep them from hurting people as they start to escape there prison. 
If you want another book that distracts you, and has a good growing romance story, along with few fights but all filled huge scenes of fighting.
Sin and Kat cannot get along with each other at all, and with there fighting comes emotions for each other that they both really don't want. Through together when Kat's mother sends her after Sin to kill him instead of him killing her mom. Following Sin, Kat gets stuck into one of his fights, and gets injured in the fight. Of course since Kat looks like her mom she is taken prisoner because Sin assumes that she is really Artemis. When she wakes up and finds herself wrapped up in a net that takes her powers away she doesn't know what to do. Then Artemis finds out that he has her daughter, and comes for him.  Kat save him from her Mother's fury. Now they are both hiding from her mom trying to stay alive while fighting the bad guys on the side. 

Lover Unbound

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)  by J.R. Ward, paranormal romance, and has a nifty glossary in the front to keep you from getting all these terms they say from confusing you. Jumping around characters as she normally does can sometime be confusing if you don't pay attention to the names. This books two main character are Vishous and Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Sometimes this book was driving me insane because of the way people are starting to act and behave like how Phury changes to what I have to say dramatically because he starts to like the way pain feels, and when he asked to not be given any medicine to make the pain go away since he was badly injured. That's when I started to know something big needed to happen with him or he was going to get hurt badly. Then the ending of the book was ridiculous. Everyone was sad and depressed because of what had happened thinking about everything they have to lose. Then here the Scribe Virgin pops in with a gift, and that's when the book lost me.
I love how her books are diffident in there own ways. This is something I always look forward to reading this series. Not having to read the same story over and  over with just diffident character slimier plots has a lot to do with the reason I love this series. Anybody just wanting a good romance story with lots of action and background story would love this series.
The way she described the characters once they changed was just awesome. They basically become men in one night though the part where the parents or ghardian watch the transformation is also disturbing and creepy in it's own way, and probably very awkward for everyone in the room. Then I assume most of the people do the same thing after they transform by the way the book describes things. So when John reject the person she assumes that she did not please him and goes into some silence that sound very horrible and lonely.
When ever I read these books I feel like a old lady who can't read anything.The print in the books are really small, and almost, just almost temp me to get my glasses out and put them on. Then again with the glossary it helps a lot with all these terms that you can forget in between reading the books.
So Vishous gets attacked by what everyone assumes is a lesser and gets shot in the chest. He is taken into a human hospital who does surgery on his heart. They of course see his heart that has six chambers instead of four. They also have problems identifying the blood type, so instead of freaking out about there finding they continue to have the surgery on him. Then Vishous's brothers come and rescue him from the humans, but he ask that they bring along Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Not understanding why they do as he says. So starts the fabulous book.
There was something I found funny when I read this. Phury has one foot because he shot it of to save his twin. Well then how does his feet feel the ground? "He disengaged from his twin, bowed to the Scribe Virgin and Wrath, then wobbled down the stairs and began the walk up the hill. the grass was soft beneath his feet, and the odd, ambient light of the Other Side surrounded him." 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1) by Nalini Singh

Angel's Blood is a paranormal romance, and the first book in the Guild Hunter series. Angel's Blood is about vampire hunter Elena Deveraux who gets a job from the archangel Raphael to hunt the other archangel Uriel because he is going around killing people. So she gets stuck in this job, and has no choice but to do it. With a couple bad run in with members of the seven and Raphael crazy attack she starts to realize that she's going to have to die because she rather die herself then someone who had there memory erased. So now she set her future, and is trying to find a way around her death since she thinks a oath will keep her alive. With her Father adding to her stress and Dimitri trying to drive her insane with mind games she somehow stays same. 
Elena or her real name Elieanora Parker Deveraux. She is born with the gift to sent vampires which helps her when she's on the job, this is called hunterborn. She finds rough vampires and returns them to whatever angel created them." Elena escorted the vamp up the steps and to the large open crate at the back of the passenger hold. 
"Sorry, bud. You killed three women and one old man. That tilts the pity slate way over in the wrong direction." Slamming the door on him, she padlocked it. "He's ready to go boys." 

With Raphael also trying to keep Elena from knowing important things that she needs to know so she can hunt Uriel. He cuts her off from her sources, and has her working with people for a change. He changes the way she works and even tells her to many things she's not suppose to know. 
She also introduces some of the seven Raphael's most trusted men. Noting like Illium or Bluebell, ans Jason the unique tattoo clad angel. Then there is Dimitri and venom the vampire members of the seven. Sadly that is all of the seven members spoken of in the book.
 Jason - "She had to ask. "Where are your wings?" 
Jason gave her an inscrutable look, then flared out a wing in silence. It was deep, sooty black. the wing didn't reflect light, but seemed to absorb it, the edges fading into the spreading gloom. "Wow," she said. "Guess you make one hell of a night scout." 

Illium - " Elena followed the direction of his gaze to find amazingly beautiful man with blue wings leaning nonchalantly against a lamppost." (her also edged with silver. 
"His eyes-a vivid, shimmering gold, startling against black hair dipped in blue-shifted to the car." 

Then there's Venom. His eyes are green and slitted like a snake, and he normally covered by glasses. "He was wearing sunglasses with a black-on-black suit, his chocolate-dark hair cut like some GQ models, but his lips.. they were dangerous." 
These have to be my favorite members of the seven in this book. 
Ghostland is a paranormal romance book and the first book in the Ghostland World series.
Ghostland is about Aisling McConaughey a shamaness and Zurael who is a Djinn. After Aisling summons Zurael as a last minute things she sets her future when he makes a very promising threat, "Savor these few moments when you hold me enslaved, child of mud. They will cost you your life," he said before disappearing as suddenly as he arrived." She gets stuck in the middle of the Djinns business, and not even getting to know what's going on. She has this problem because of her pet ferret where it gives of vibes that it isn't a normal ferret. "She hadn't lied when she the priest the ferret appeared shortly after a trader's caravan visited the farm. What she hadn't told him was that before the ferret there had been a crow, and before  the crow there'd been a snake, and before the snake, a cat - and they had all been Aziel." At some times I though the ferret was just plain creepy, and other times adorable.
Aisling McConaughey is taken away from the place she called home when she is asked to do a job to find a women named Elena. When she finds Elena the women is in trouble, and she made the decision to summon
Zurael a name she got  from Aziel. "There is a name you can whisper on the spirit of the winds, a being you can summon.
It was her choice. It always was. But there would be a price to pay. Tell me.
The ferret climbed to her shoulder. His face pressed to her as if to ensure the name he yielded would be heard by her.
Zurael en Caym. Serpent heir. Son of the one who is The Prince
Zurael en Caym. Serpent heir. Son of the one who is The Prince  I summon you." Aisling said. "I summon you to me and command you to end this ceremony beforre the sacrifice is made.

The DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) by Kody Keplinger

The DUFF is a very realistic book for situations that teenagers are placed in, more realistic ways in how the characters speak and talk because out of the few books I read in this genre very few talk and act like real teenagers. This book goes around the term DUFF or Designated Ugly Fat Friend. Bianca Piper hears this term from Wesley Rush the, thinking of a nice way to think of it... Player. They end up kissing, in what Bianca says, "I lunged at it Literally. I kissed Wesley Rush." from that point on they start using each other for there own personal reasons.
Finding out the reason for this book was simple because she puts a quote in at the end of it. "I always felt like the 'ugly girl in high school-my best friends are insanely gorgeous-so when I was introduced to the word my senior year, I knew I was the Duff. The idea of writing this book with 'Duff' in the title started as a joke, but when I realized that my friends felt like Duffs, too I knew I had to write this story."
Bianca Piper is a seventeen year old girl who is going through parent issues off maybe they'll get together and maybe there split up, so her dad will stop moping so much. Then going through her dad becoming a drunk again also has it's effects. So when her ex boyfriend and also one of her biggest mistakes, who just happens to be one of her friends brother, comes back. Bianca needs a way to escape away from that, so she goes to Wesley for that. While Bianca has her problems, so does Wesley. He lives in a huge house all by himself most of the time because his parents are never there and on 
'business trips,' he gets the house to himself. Wesley has a sister he can never see without his grandma freaking out about it because she doesn't approve of his ways also adds to his problems.
There are a couple themes in this book, but one I liked was, running away from your problems can make them worst in the end. There are defiantly a lot of those moments in this book.