Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ghostland is a paranormal romance book and the first book in the Ghostland World series.
Ghostland is about Aisling McConaughey a shamaness and Zurael who is a Djinn. After Aisling summons Zurael as a last minute things she sets her future when he makes a very promising threat, "Savor these few moments when you hold me enslaved, child of mud. They will cost you your life," he said before disappearing as suddenly as he arrived." She gets stuck in the middle of the Djinns business, and not even getting to know what's going on. She has this problem because of her pet ferret where it gives of vibes that it isn't a normal ferret. "She hadn't lied when she the priest the ferret appeared shortly after a trader's caravan visited the farm. What she hadn't told him was that before the ferret there had been a crow, and before  the crow there'd been a snake, and before the snake, a cat - and they had all been Aziel." At some times I though the ferret was just plain creepy, and other times adorable.
Aisling McConaughey is taken away from the place she called home when she is asked to do a job to find a women named Elena. When she finds Elena the women is in trouble, and she made the decision to summon
Zurael a name she got  from Aziel. "There is a name you can whisper on the spirit of the winds, a being you can summon.
It was her choice. It always was. But there would be a price to pay. Tell me.
The ferret climbed to her shoulder. His face pressed to her as if to ensure the name he yielded would be heard by her.
Zurael en Caym. Serpent heir. Son of the one who is The Prince
Zurael en Caym. Serpent heir. Son of the one who is The Prince  I summon you." Aisling said. "I summon you to me and command you to end this ceremony beforre the sacrifice is made.

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