Thursday, June 9, 2011

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry (DarkHunter#12) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Paranormal Romance.
Devil May Cry two main characters are Sin an ancient Sumerian God who's powers were taken by who he assumes is Artemis. Then there is Katra, daughter of one of the gods. She is sent after Sin because her mother told her that he out to kill her. Kat is weary to comply because her mother is not known to tell the full truth of things, and to leave things out.                                "What aren't you telling me?"
Artemis gave her a blank stare. "I don't know what you mean."
"Of course you do." Artemis never told the whole truth about anything. "And before i commit myself to some disaster, I want to know everything about it."
Of course this book is slimier to all the other books  by this author, but of course there's a different set of characters along with more twists of the plot. Still I was glued to the story not wanting to let Kat and Sin go.  Kat learns something about her past that she doesn't want to know, and with that she regrets doing it. Talked into it by her childish mind, and her mother's persuasion. Now she has to make sure that Sin never finds out, or he would probably kill her. Sin hunts the monsters that his kin created. Trying to fix the problem his people made he hunts them, and tries to keep them from hurting people as they start to escape there prison. 
If you want another book that distracts you, and has a good growing romance story, along with few fights but all filled huge scenes of fighting.
Sin and Kat cannot get along with each other at all, and with there fighting comes emotions for each other that they both really don't want. Through together when Kat's mother sends her after Sin to kill him instead of him killing her mom. Following Sin, Kat gets stuck into one of his fights, and gets injured in the fight. Of course since Kat looks like her mom she is taken prisoner because Sin assumes that she is really Artemis. When she wakes up and finds herself wrapped up in a net that takes her powers away she doesn't know what to do. Then Artemis finds out that he has her daughter, and comes for him.  Kat save him from her Mother's fury. Now they are both hiding from her mom trying to stay alive while fighting the bad guys on the side. 

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