Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1) by Nalini Singh

Angel's Blood is a paranormal romance, and the first book in the Guild Hunter series. Angel's Blood is about vampire hunter Elena Deveraux who gets a job from the archangel Raphael to hunt the other archangel Uriel because he is going around killing people. So she gets stuck in this job, and has no choice but to do it. With a couple bad run in with members of the seven and Raphael crazy attack she starts to realize that she's going to have to die because she rather die herself then someone who had there memory erased. So now she set her future, and is trying to find a way around her death since she thinks a oath will keep her alive. With her Father adding to her stress and Dimitri trying to drive her insane with mind games she somehow stays same. 
Elena or her real name Elieanora Parker Deveraux. She is born with the gift to sent vampires which helps her when she's on the job, this is called hunterborn. She finds rough vampires and returns them to whatever angel created them." Elena escorted the vamp up the steps and to the large open crate at the back of the passenger hold. 
"Sorry, bud. You killed three women and one old man. That tilts the pity slate way over in the wrong direction." Slamming the door on him, she padlocked it. "He's ready to go boys." 

With Raphael also trying to keep Elena from knowing important things that she needs to know so she can hunt Uriel. He cuts her off from her sources, and has her working with people for a change. He changes the way she works and even tells her to many things she's not suppose to know. 
She also introduces some of the seven Raphael's most trusted men. Noting like Illium or Bluebell, ans Jason the unique tattoo clad angel. Then there is Dimitri and venom the vampire members of the seven. Sadly that is all of the seven members spoken of in the book.
 Jason - "She had to ask. "Where are your wings?" 
Jason gave her an inscrutable look, then flared out a wing in silence. It was deep, sooty black. the wing didn't reflect light, but seemed to absorb it, the edges fading into the spreading gloom. "Wow," she said. "Guess you make one hell of a night scout." 

Illium - " Elena followed the direction of his gaze to find amazingly beautiful man with blue wings leaning nonchalantly against a lamppost." (her also edged with silver. 
"His eyes-a vivid, shimmering gold, startling against black hair dipped in blue-shifted to the car." 

Then there's Venom. His eyes are green and slitted like a snake, and he normally covered by glasses. "He was wearing sunglasses with a black-on-black suit, his chocolate-dark hair cut like some GQ models, but his lips.. they were dangerous." 
These have to be my favorite members of the seven in this book. 

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