Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lover Unbound

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)  by J.R. Ward, paranormal romance, and has a nifty glossary in the front to keep you from getting all these terms they say from confusing you. Jumping around characters as she normally does can sometime be confusing if you don't pay attention to the names. This books two main character are Vishous and Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Sometimes this book was driving me insane because of the way people are starting to act and behave like how Phury changes to what I have to say dramatically because he starts to like the way pain feels, and when he asked to not be given any medicine to make the pain go away since he was badly injured. That's when I started to know something big needed to happen with him or he was going to get hurt badly. Then the ending of the book was ridiculous. Everyone was sad and depressed because of what had happened thinking about everything they have to lose. Then here the Scribe Virgin pops in with a gift, and that's when the book lost me.
I love how her books are diffident in there own ways. This is something I always look forward to reading this series. Not having to read the same story over and  over with just diffident character slimier plots has a lot to do with the reason I love this series. Anybody just wanting a good romance story with lots of action and background story would love this series.
The way she described the characters once they changed was just awesome. They basically become men in one night though the part where the parents or ghardian watch the transformation is also disturbing and creepy in it's own way, and probably very awkward for everyone in the room. Then I assume most of the people do the same thing after they transform by the way the book describes things. So when John reject the person she assumes that she did not please him and goes into some silence that sound very horrible and lonely.
When ever I read these books I feel like a old lady who can't read anything.The print in the books are really small, and almost, just almost temp me to get my glasses out and put them on. Then again with the glossary it helps a lot with all these terms that you can forget in between reading the books.
So Vishous gets attacked by what everyone assumes is a lesser and gets shot in the chest. He is taken into a human hospital who does surgery on his heart. They of course see his heart that has six chambers instead of four. They also have problems identifying the blood type, so instead of freaking out about there finding they continue to have the surgery on him. Then Vishous's brothers come and rescue him from the humans, but he ask that they bring along Dr. Jane Whitcomb. Not understanding why they do as he says. So starts the fabulous book.
There was something I found funny when I read this. Phury has one foot because he shot it of to save his twin. Well then how does his feet feel the ground? "He disengaged from his twin, bowed to the Scribe Virgin and Wrath, then wobbled down the stairs and began the walk up the hill. the grass was soft beneath his feet, and the odd, ambient light of the Other Side surrounded him." 

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