Sunday, April 1, 2012

Forbidden Magic

Yummy Cover. :3

Title: Forbidden Magic (A Wing Slayer Hunter E-Novella)
Author: Jennifer Lyon 
Page count: 161
Genre: Paranormal Romance.
My rating: 5/5
Publisher: Who knows
Summery:Wing Slayer Hunter, Ram Virtos, must find his soul mirror witch and convince her to mate with him before his Thunderbird tattoo kills him. But while that witch might be able to save Ram’s life, it is the mysterious Ginny Stone who inflames his passion. 
Ginny has been deeply fascinated by Ram for months, but dared not act on it or she’d be torn from her mortal life on earth and thrust into her dreaded destiny as a half-breed angel. But when her beloved brother’s soul is at stake, she must do the one thing she both fears and desires… 
Take Ram to her bed.

My Thoughts:
So I got the lucky chance to read this ARC and I gotta say wooo! 
This is the first real book I've read by Jennifer Lyon. I love books that you can start reading from any point and I'm thinking this is one, if not you may laugh at me. I loved the characters and hated other, mainly the bad people. ;)  
I can now say I'm a Wing Slayer fan and you should try becoming one if you're not. :D

The review:
I fell in love from the first page to the final page. The cover is beautiful and amazing.  Ginny is a strong willed female character and Ram is searching for answers just not in the right place. I loved how the emotions were strong and easy to see and feel. When one of them was hurt you could feel the pain  of not only the main character, but also the characters around them. It was easy to connect mean/angry/grrr feeling for the bad guys or father because by the end I wanted to attack them like a cat attacks a bird. Lovely image right?

Where to find her:
Web: link
Twitter: link
Facebook Page:link

Where to find the book:
Couldn't find any links, but it come out on April 15th I believe. I'll put some links up once I can find some!

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