Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dandelion Named Dandy

The Dandelion Named Dandy

~~~~Here's a kid story I made up.~~~ 

So one day Dandy wanted to become a all grown up dandelion, but he couldn't because he was still a yellow flower. So Dandy decided that he would go see the oldest one among his people. Ogard the old. Ogard lived beside the tallest rock, the oldest rock, the brightest rock. His roots stayed strong in the ground not loosing even when the mower came. Ogard could hides behind the rock whenever it comes.
Walking over to Ogard Dandy asked in a quiet voice, "Ogard when will I grow older like you?"
Looking over at Dandy Ogard regarded him with a look. "Why little Dandy do you wish to grow up? You are perfect just the way you are."
"I know, but I want to be a white flower like you. I want to be the oldest flower in our town." Eyes widening Dandy spun around in a circle. "I want to let my flowers fly free when ever a kid needs to make a wish!"
"Oh Dandy you want to grow up to fast. Maybe someday when someone makes a wish on me, and a new elder comes and takes my place then you can become the apprentice of him."
"Really you mean! I will! I will! I promise to be a good apprentice." Smiling Dandy dance off.

As the day went on, and weeks, and months went by. Dandy's Petals started to turn white with age. He had worked hard on his apprenticeship, and he was now the elder.  Smiling Dandy looked over at  at the Yellow flower named Lan. Lan wanted to be the oldest flower, and to be white like Dandy.
Ginning at Lan, Dandy looked him over. "Are you really sure that you want to be elder?"
"Oh yes sir I am sure It is my dream to be the elder. You are my role model, and I look up to you. " Lan's eyes glowed with pride as he said this.
"Then Lan I will set you up with a apprenticeship with the next person in line for elder."
Eyes widening he squeaked. "Oh won't let you down. I swear." Running back to his home he yelled for his mother. To tell her the good news.
"Ogard were you like this as well?" I wonder because Lan and I are very slimier." Looking up to the sky to the area Ogard wish was blown. "I can't wait to join you my old friend."
As another week went Dandy  waited for his chance to be used as a wish. When it was finally time for his turn dandy held hid stem strait, and looked up at the bright blue sky. The sun was staring back at him, and the people from his town were wishing him luck. Taking a deep breath he waited for the little girl to to blow away his aged petals.
"I wish that Lucky would get better from his cold." Closing her eyes she took her own deep breathe. Then released it. All Of Dandy's petals flew on the wind. Releasing across the land settling their seeds into the ground letting more flowers become more, and more wishes to join the wind.

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