Monday, July 4, 2011


StarFire (DemonSlayers #3)by Kate Douglas. Paranormal Romance. 4/5 star because it just didn't feel like that deep of a book compared to the last books.
Selyn and Dawson Buck are the main characters in this book along with a few chapters in other characters point of views. To me it seemed like there was a lot more switching characters then the other books.
The story was mainly about all the characterless trying to find the Demon King, freeing the Lemurian people, and all the Forgotten Ones from their lives as slaves. This all is possible because the  crystal sword can be replicated giving the true warriors a weapon while the nobleman that have swords well they never deserved to have them in the first place in my opinion.
Dawson and Selyn both get themselves some very interesting swords, and join in the war. Selyn is used against them because the Demon Kind really just wants Dax. I think that Selyn and Dawson's relationship will be the funniest out of them all since she knows very little of the human world. I'm still wondering rather Dawson's going to quit his job because killing demons, and working as a vet. Means he could be in the wrong place when a bog fight breaks out, and he could be stuck a work. 
I wouldn't say this could ever be my favorite book in the series, but the cover has to be one of my all time favorite.  
BumperWillow needs a more important role in this story I don't think they are living quite up to their whole potential yet. I mean she can heal and smell where the demons are. I think she would get placed a lot more in the series then the amount she is.

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