Thursday, July 28, 2011

Beautiful and Strange Short Story Reviews

Bedtime is the first one up. It sucked me right into at the first sentence.The characters were all written well and they were the opposite of flat. Like in her comment, "This is a true story. It will stand on its own; there will be no novel or even a paragraph added to it. Nothing. It is complete."  I believe that the way it's written makes it even more haunting adding to the tension when you're reading it making it more realistic and adding to the visual. If you like a dark story and a quick read then I would try this out. 5/5 stars. Bedtime (link)

1,499 was beautiful in just the way it was written. Even when the ending was spoken of in the summery I was not expecting the way it would end. Jade and Elijah are the two people in the story with the mentioning of The Agency. This two page short story  brings out a assassin Jade's being hunted by the people she works for. Her number of kills 4,703 making her one of the best in the world. Then there is the quick attraction between the two of them. It makes me wonder rather Mr. Elijah would regret killing later in his life if the story went on.  4.5/5 stars. 1,499 (Link)

Now lastly The Will. Very creep and disturbing book for readers that like that kind of story. Beautiful and Strange said that she might be working on it after she finishes the story she's writing at the moment. I was rather shocked at how it ended and I was annoyed that it didn't go on even farther. It was like one big tease that left you wanting more. I hope Beautiful and Strange continues the story because I want to know where Phoebe ends up after all the news on this settles down and how she takes it when she grows older. Though I had to reread and see why her dad wanted their family to eat the body after he died. It was a little unclear to me, and I thought it could have been said in a more louder way. The Will (Link)

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