Monday, February 6, 2012

Being a Teenager in One Paragraph

Being a teenager to me I have to say sucks. We sweat a lot and have to worry about people smelling us and making fun of us (damn you bullies.) We have to worry about the people we hang out with, are they the right people, do they make fun of me behind my back, are they trouble makers? Then there are the sports if you don't do some kind of sport from cheer, to color guard you are nothing. Then there is make up do you have the time to put it and do your hair, or will you have to just toss it up into a pony.
This is a perspective from me a teenage girl in a small school in the middle of no where.

Here's a question for you to think about or answer.
1)Are you proud of who you are and how you act and treat people at your school. Now or back in the stone ages. Would you do something over that you regret doing?

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  1. For the treating other people at school thing, (I'm in college) I'd say yes. I try to be nice and help others out. There is one thing that does bug me: I am so shy that I have only ONE person I talk to on a regular basis/can call a friend in all of my classes.
    As for the regret doing, I'd say that I'd regret being friends with one girl in high school. She was spoiled and sought attention in some of the worst ways, (hello suicide hotline!) but I know deep down that I'm actually glad that she was there. If it wasn't for her, I'd probably still lack a backbone.