Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey My lovely followers check this out :)

A Chunk of Earth in Space
by darkelfgirl
Fiction: Paranormal
When zombies attack Earth and the only chance of humanity surveying is to go into space and live there. What then happens twenty years later on that ship?
 Leo Grey is one of the first generation of children born on the ship of Lunar Tilla Vin. When supplies on the ship start to run out the head captain decides to send down twenty people to Earth.
 To Earth where zombies await. Grouping up with three other people Leo looks for the means to survive on Earth, and to the people on his ship. From Crazy guards to towns hidden away in forest to friendships they never saw coming to budding romance.
 Interested in reading this I have the first part up. Hopefully to get chapter one typed over thanksgiving. there is the link

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