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Savage To Savvy

Title: Savage To Savvy
Author: Kate Rigby
Page count: 185
Genre:  Twisted scientific ideas
My rating: 4/5
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published: November 19th 2011
Summary: Psychology graduate, Heidi Harper is appointed to work with Albanian-born Professor Mala, pioneer of a new project to rehabilitate dog-reared feral child, Nicki. The Professor’s son, Rudi, is Project Manager of the Laurels where Nicki and other children with ‘multiple deficits’ reside.
Heidi is soon asking questions about Nicki’s previous feral existence. Her suspicions are further aroused at the Professor’s soir√©e one evening by a drunken outburst from Rob Ivory – ex employee of the Professor who claims he sabotaged the experiment and taught Nicki language. On the same evening, she also discovers some disused laboratories behind the Professor’s house. Heidi goes digging further, and finds Nicki was part of a Forbidden Experiment. Heidi’s mission soon takes on sinister overtones and as the truth outs, the lives of all concerned begin to unravel.
Savage To Savvy is a psychological thriller following the structure of an academic paper: Abstract, Introduction, Method & Results, Discussion, Conclusions.

The Review;
So first off the book does start out slowly, as it was being set up for the first 20% mainly. I do admit I wasn’t pulled into the story  until all the explaining stuff was mainly done. If she hadn't set the book up though then the images wouldn't have been so clear. Some characters are set up to appear mean and cruel while others get their evil later on in the story.
The twist and turns that happen through the story are not what you are going to expect. Why did Nicki grow up the way she did? Was the question that came to mind the most while reading this. By the end I was annoyed or mad at most of the characters. Only Heidi and Nicki remained on my more preferred side.
Next the ending. You will not see it coming, I swear. What I thought would happen was far off because I couldn’t believe what happened. It was abrupt at points, but that is what gave it the feeling of how it was supposed to. “following the structure of an academic paper: Abstract, Introduction, Method & Results, Discussion, Conclusions.” I love how it was different from the regular styles I normally read, it was easy to understand and not over my head.
Well for a book in a genre I normally don’t read as much. It turned out that I liked it enough for four stars. I think anyone could feel something towards Nicki if they were to rad this.

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