Sunday, July 8, 2012

Knight's End Blog Tour Day One

Author Bio

My name is Jami Montgomery, and I am a twenty-two-year-old writer from South Texas. I write anything and everything you can imagine, from urban fantasy to historical romances to sci-fi (though not all that well, I should add).
Knight's End is the first book I've ever tried to self-publish on a large scale, and I am both nervous and excited. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

Sometimes choosing between love and family means choosing between life and death.
Aston Smith, Knight of Fridel, has been sent on a dangerous mission: catch The Rogue Royal, a notorious man who has been killing corrupt monarchs. When the mission goes wrong, the knight is sentenced to death. To escape his fate, he runs, planning to track down the murderer and clear his name.
Along the way, he meets and teams up with Jade du Halen, who he thinks is just another woman. Secretly, she is the runaway princess of Adion who denied her duties as a princess and refused to marry the man her father had chosen for her. Instead, she convinces Aston that she can clear his name, joining him on his hunt for justice.
Can these two individuals hide from their hunters, catch The Rogue Royal, and live happily ever after? Or will Jade’s secret tear them apart?
In a story told from the perspectives of five individuals, lives are changed forever, reputations are destroyed, love is found and lost, and betrayal is never far behind.

Here’s a peek into Knight’s End.
Excerpt One
Aston leaned over the wall. Talbot was two thirds of the way up, moving sluggishly, struggling to find his footing. “Prince Talbot! I’m going ahead. Stay close, and hurry! We don’t know how far ahead of us the Rogue is,” he shouted, knowing no one was around to hear him. He ran along the walkway until he got to a set of stairs, taking them three at a time to get into the palace. He heard the prince clomping along behind him.
All the torches were snuffed out in the hallway he entered. Aston stopped and listened, trying to locate someone, but he couldn’t hear anything. It was late, but there should have been guards patrolling every inch of the palace. The duke’s life had been threatened.
He could feel his throat constricting as he crept close to the wall and started down the hallway, more alert now than he had been before. This wasn’t his first mission, but it was the first time he’d been ordered to save a man’s life. Normally, he was sent to battles or as a messenger. This mission had a completely different feel, and something deep inside told him he was already too late.
The wide corridor forked off in two directions at the end. The left side was dark, the right lit. Aston headed left, knowing The Rogue Royal would be somewhere in the darkened corridors. He paused at the end of the second hallway, listening again. Something rammed into his back and he turned quickly, pulling a dagger from his belt and crouching down.

Here’s where you can find her sites and book.

Here’s the giveaway stuff
Giveaway the rules;
Each time you comment on one of the blogs you are entered into a giveaway to win a signed copy of Knight's End. Anyone can enter as long as shipping is possible in your area. The comment is all you have to do, but liking her facebook and amazon page would be awesome. Be sure to leave your email so we can contact you if you are the winner.

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  1. Great book! :)
    Jami is a great writer! Make sure to check it out!

    -H.D. Hunter

  2. Jami is an awesome person to know and a fantastic writer. I can't wait to read Knight's End!
    -Bryson McCrone

  3. Meee! I love both Jami and the idea of Knight's End!


  4. Congrats on the book tour, Jami! The book sounds wonderful! I am also a 21 year old living in south Texas! Crazy! :) May you have much success with Knight's End!