Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pretty ARC

Pretty by Jillian Lauren. Fiction. I had hard time figuring out what I wanted to rate this. I debated between 3 and 4 stars, and finally chose 4 out of 5 stars. Nice cover and the eyes are not open! I greatly dislike books where the people on the cover stares at you... And still stares at you. Release date August 30, 2011.
This book cover many topics from drug use to drinking problems to eating disorders. I have to say that like Crank these kind of books take patience for me to read I can't read them to fast or I get to bored easily. Unlike Crank though I didn't get the strong pull to read it all day. Thank goodness for that because then I get no sleep. Bebe almost lost everything she worked for by giving in to the need and even doing that why she was pregnant. I was thinking:You stupid person thank about the baby. What are you doing trying to get him killed? (Though also going on in my head: Was not shocked when that came up.)
I was giggling  I found out that my favorite numbers were in the book. "The clock reads 11:11." Just had to put that in the review.
Pretty is about Bebe a girl who survived a car accident while her boyfriend Aaron did not. When the accident took place they were both drunk and arguing. Not a good thing to do be doing when you can barely concentrate on the things in front of you. She then goes and lives in a what I would call a rebab home. With Susan as the head lady. "Along with the word "Concern." Susan is fond of "wonderful.""

Bebe left home and doesn't even think about going back even four years later. Bebe has a interesting personality with many many problems. You know what she looks  like her legs and hands cover in scars from the car accident. Bebe  goes through a lot in just 288 pages. She has a different way by the end of it. I gotta say I love happy endings. At least she's able to work out all the issues she has. Even if there's a slight chance the baby will inherit his fathers craziness. Let's hope not though. We don't need another person walking around calling them selves Jesus now do we? Cough cough  Jake. 

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