Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vampire Mine

Vampire Mine (Love at Stake Series #10) by Kerrelyn Sparks. 5 out of 5 stars! First my praise for the beautiful cover and also the inside flap. I am in love with it. Paranormal Romance. The main characters in Vampire Mine were Connor  Buchanan and Marielle a angel who was banished from heaven. Again Kerrelyn Leaves me wanting more and waiting for her next book Sexiest Vampire Alive. 
After being banished from heaven for making three big mistakes. Connor finds her after she lost her wings and takes her to Roman for some help. Connor didn't know that taking her back would only cause more problems. So now Connor takes on the duty of her protector promising that he would help her get back in heaven.
Connor is a almost 500 years old, and at his midlife crisis moment where he rather be alone and by himself then with the company of other. Marielle is about as old as time itself. Yet when she comes to the human world she knows very little and is with some help she becomes better equipped to the human world. Both of the characters are well written, and Connors background story was long awaited. I never expected what had happened. Connor changes a lot in this story he learns how to let go of his past with the help of Marielle. 
Vampire Mine takes place most of the time in Howard's cabin. A place where Marielle could learn how to adept to the human world with out harming any humans in the process.You could tell what all the scenes  looked like new and old. From the descriptions in the past books, and the description of the new places. You could always feel the emotions of the area rather bad, or good.

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