Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blood Bound ARC

Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent ARC. 4 out of 5 stars. Paranormal Fiction. Okay I'm going to make this a quick review. The switching back and fourth between characters confused me. It took me a little while the first time to figure out if that the character had been switched. After  you figured that out it became easier to notice.
Liv Warren and Cam Caballero would be the main characters. Liv was my more preferred character. Cam either  was making me mad or he was acting like the good guy. One line that stuck in my head about Cam.
"Then it hit me, like a knife to the chest."You son of a bitch," I hissed, fury burning through me like my blood was on fire. "You fucking recruited her. You didn't get promoted because you killed Lorenzo and freed all those women. You got promoted because you brought the women over with you-strait into Tower's grasp." 
After that nothing changed my thoughts of him. What can I say not a big fan of anyone who acts like that.
The plot was good and it kept me reading more and more. It also took me a while to read because I kept falling asleep whenever I tried to read any book. Made me soooo mad. (Not used to waking up at 5 in the morning yet.Ack!)
The book goes on the theme that Liv's old childhood friend Anne destroys the contract that helped create peace among then after accidently creating a blood oath without knowing it.  A oath that caused them to do whatever the other person asked them to do, or die. Of course if your friend asked you to do stuff that caused you to get in trouble wouldn't you start to hate them more and more?
Another amazing book by Rachel Vincent. Now my next book to read is If I Die. Come out sooon! Woo!

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