Saturday, May 26, 2012

Title: Empty Space
Author:  Suzanne Dome
Page count: 338
Genre:  sci fi
My rating: 5/5
Publisher: Createspace
Published: May, 2012

Summary: Dorienne Nielsen has no clear vision of her own future…until an object rockets from the sky and slams to earth behind the county fair barn. The mercenary extraterrestrials, Den and Zeeto, want a scrounger. Dorienne’s smart mouth and voracious appetite for information fills the niche. Utilizing an illegal cybernetic augmentation, Dorienne dives head-first into information scrounging while dodging pirates, other mercenaries and political zealots. Tricky interstellar politics and the stigmas of being human in a non-human vacuum test her at every turn.

The Review
Soooo. What to say, what to tell you, what I thought about this book. Well first off I had to sleep on this review to make sure I thought of everything needed to say about the book. Simple - I loved the book. Now here’s a more in depth reason.

The characters;
So we had Dorienne, the human in the group that always knew something else was out there. Our head character and female surrounded by gawking men. (I believe she handled them well.) We had Noa the bodyguard. He believed that he must remain noble and not kiss the people he works with. The whole book I was yelling “Kiss her! Kiss her like you mean it!” Then we had Den and Zeeto, the people who pull Dorienne into all this mess. They were the more easy going characters that could generate a laugh at points. Finally to sum up the main main characters; Eleksi. He is the cranky one at first site. (Note I said first.) I started out disliking him, but by the end he had grown on me. He was the more strict growly person.

The settings;
So this story takes place in a lot of different places. They’re in space so I hoped that it would be in more than one place. Of course this is a important part of writing a space story. Why stay in one place when you have the universe to explore. Well we see lot’s of places.

The main part of the book;
Empty Space had lot’s of problems. When I say lots I mean a large amount of kick butt fights. With action, guns, dragon animal fighting, and well a lot more. The book really doesn’t go around one specific problem, but more like multiple ones. I personally like how Suzanne Dome set all this up. The fights were all well written making it easier to “see” the action.

Where to find the book;
Amazon; Empty Space link (CLICK)
Facebook page; Another Link

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