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Title: Creatura
Author: Nely Cab
Released date: June 15 2011
Page count: 308
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
My rating: 5/5 stars

The Review:
The story was different and oddly unique. The plot had odd twist and turns that you would never see coming (Unless your that good). Isis was a strong hero and seemed to not want to put up with crap yet she did. David the boy drama in the books was a  simple romantic. A thought that crossed my mind, isn’t it bad to say I love you to a teenage boy? Biggest duh moment there he’s not exactly human is he? Err yeah then there were the twins, Eryx and Galen and I have to say they were my favorite characters. One more then the other. I’ll let you guess on that. ;)

First while my kindles still on some quotes that stuck with me.
Twilight moment: “My wings unconsciously took me to her home. I observed her from the window as she slept peacefully on her side.” -Page 167
The scene that stayed in my head. “During lunch Eryx sat with us. Galen wasn’t with our group today. He wasn’t any where in site.
“Where’s Galen?” I asked Eryx.
“Lunch detention,” Eryx snickered.
“What’s he in for?” Bill asked biting his sandwich.
“Making the substitute believe he was the student teacher finishing up university and hitting on her in front of the entire class.” Eryx threw piece of ham from the sand which he was eating down on his foam page.”She fell for it too. She was putty in his hands. He’s evil that boy.”” -Page 281

Now my personal thoughts:
I won this from the amazing book from the author Nely Cab about a month ago. I have to say this was  a happy dance win because I had been wanting to read this for a while. Now I must say AHHHHH WHAT A WAY TO END THE BOOK!! I need more because the ending was so abrupt.

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