Saturday, March 31, 2012

No Words Alone

Title: No Words Alone (Spark #1)
Author: Autumn Dawn
Page count: 292

Genre: Science Fiction Romance, Paranormal Romance.
My rating: 5/5
Dorchester Publishing 
Sometimes, love shines like a billion stars.As the only woman in a team of marooned explorers, whom do you trust--your friends...or your enemy?When Xera is stranded on a desert planet with a hostile crew and a cadre of murdering aliens, her friends aren't who she thinks they are. As the translator, she's the only one who can forge a truce. As the only woman, she's the prize they lust for, and when her captain turns on her, she's going to need the help of her enemies to escape his wrath.Because on this inhospitable world, the warlike Scorpio were her only chance. Looking into the fiery eyes of their handsome leader, Xera saw a nobility and potency she'd never before encountered--a reaction she knew her fellow humans would despise. A future with Commander Ryven was...something to consider. But first they had to survive.

My Thoughts together because I wrote this differently The Review:
So what drew me into reading No Words Alone was the amazing cover and the first page. This was the first book I've read by this author and I gotta say this is officially one of my favorite genre. 
Xera was a strong female lead and easy to understand. Both characters are well written and easy to fall in love with. The plot as unique and had lots of twists and turns.  You might see it coming then BAM! You're either right or your wrong.
Would I read the second? Yes!

Where to Find Her
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