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Title: Shadowlife-Hybrid
Author:  Claudy Conn
Released date: March 18, 2012.
Page count: Who knows
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, and paranormal.
My rating: 5/5 stars
Publisher: BC publications

Summery: Chase MacAdams is a hybrid with extraordinary abilities… 

Roxie is an Indian beauty, a shapeshifter on her mother’s side and hales from a little known tribe in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Her father is an immortal—Scottish by choice and time. 
Thus, a friend, Nikki Walker thinks and rightly so, that Roxie will help in the fight against WB and his vampire clan. They need help because the vicious vampire now has Count Dracula on their side and all of Europe is in danger. 
However, they have given Roxie a difficult task. The team wants her to visit with Chase in the highlands of Scotland and convince him to join in the fight. He has already refused, but Nikki doesn’t think he will refuse Roxie MacBran. And for all the wrong reasons he doesn't.

My Thoughts:
I was sooo happy when this came out that I flipped out. One of my friends got to listen to me wine when I figured out it was the wrong book, but I got the right one a couple hours later and by three in the morning I was in 40%. It sucked me right in. The ending surprised me and wasn't what I thought would happen. :)

The Review: So the third book it gets to the point very quickly. Unlike the other ones that take their time explaining what's going to happen with that it was easier to get into and and follow. I loved how the characters had trust issues and that kept causing to split apart. Cause some drama that was amusing and it didn't get to the point of annoying.
If you liked how the first two books were set up then you should like this quicker paced version.

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