Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Man of My Dreams

Title: The Man of My Dreams  (The Man of My Dreams #1)
Author: Gladys Quintal
Released date: October 25, 2011.
Page count: 136
Genre: Paranormal Romance, fantasy.
My rating: 4.5/5
Publisher: CreateSapce

Ever since the death of her parents at the age of 17, Cassie has been dreaming about a dark haired man. He always comes to her in times of trouble to comfort her and help her through the toughest of days. But now after the devastating break up with her boyfriend, Cassie struggles with separating reality from her dreams. 

During a trip to her family beach house, her dream man becomes her lover and Cassie finds herself longing for this man to be in her life. But trying to find out the truth about him leaves her questioning her very existence and sanity. 
She is convinced her dream man is real and connected to a string of macabre murders over the last 20 years. Fearing for her life, Cassie prays she is right about him and that he can save her before it is too late
My Thoughts:
So this was a free read that I got on amazon I think. I wasn't to sure about it and read some reviews and happy dance. I'm now happy I read it because the story was different - the good different. 
The Review:
Time passes through this book a lot. From her childhood to her adult hood. Normally this confuses me, but for once I wasn't. <--- Another good thing about the book.
Now the emotional overload in this book is wow. I wasn't expecting the events that happened in the first book to occur. I was yelling at the step dad and her mom was getting glared at! Yeah I got into it. 
When we got the adult part of the book parts of the book seemed flat which is why it got 4.5 stars. The plot was simple amazing which made up for flat.
Will I read the second one? Most likely once I can get the money. :)

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