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Spellbound - Legend

Title: Spellbound - Legend
Author:  Claudy Conn
Released date:January
1, 2010.
Page count: 413
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy, and paranormal.
My rating: 5/5 stars
Publisher:Create Space 

Summery: Maxine Reigate faces danger everywhere she turns. An evil and ancient beauty wants her dead – and Maxie needs to keep her at bay. Dark and monstrous Fae are slipping into the human Realm and causing havoc. Maxie has to be instrumental in stopping them and keeping the FaeWall in place. Confusing these matters more are two men who have entered her life. Julian, the moody High Druid Priest awakened after a two hundred year coma, and the Fae Prince who wants her for his own. She has decisions to make. . . 

My thoughts:
Soooo once again Claudy Conn writes another amazing story full of twists and turns leaving you wondering how it's going to happen, when it's going to happen. There of course is a love triangle who to choose who to be with. Who's better. I'm happy to say she chose the one I thought she would. Feels smart!
The Review:
So the book starts out slowly then... BAM! You're thrown into the plot and the story sucks you right in. At point all the characters have their wow moments. One has a ever changing moods, nice and charming one second then GRRR rowr the next. The second one thinks he is high and mighty and has the stuck up air around him. Then the third just needed to choose one instead of leading them around.
Now some questions:
1)What are your thoughts on fey?
2) What's your favorite paranormal characters to read about?
3)What are your thoughts on druids?

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